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We perform our, “Chef Carl’s Make A Pizza Program,” in New Jersey, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut. With a dedication to learning, Chef Carl Giardina has worked with a large number of schools, groups, and children with special needs. His ingredients for success combines learning sprinkled with liberal doses of fun. His goal is to empower your students or scouts and instill confidence in them in the art of cooking. Chef Carl’s hands-on approach will engage your “mini” chefs and may even encourage their thoughts of a career in the culinary arts.

Chef Carl and his team have made it their responsibility to create many great school memories. To date, he has performed over 6,000 “Make a Pizza Parties” in the tri-state area. He and his assistant will provide all the ingredients needed for the children to prepare their culinary delight—including pizza boxes, placemats, and chef hats—for each student or scout. They’ll also get to watch a funny and informative video that teaches them how to make a pizza. You don't need to provide any special equipment (e.g., ovens, etc.) for the Chef to perform the program. Not only will your students or scouts make a pizza, but they will participate in magic, learn the pizza dance, receive a graduation diploma from “Chef Carl University,“ and receive wonderful memories that last forever. His program also provides a bonding experience between the children and their parents by allowing the parents to participate in the cooking experience when their child brings the pizza home for dinner.

Kosher or Gluten-Free Available On Request


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