Birthday Parties

Chef Carl's Make a Pizza & Cooking Parties in NY, NJ, CT and PA! Yummy & Educational Birthdays, Events & Schools
The Ingredients to a Party
Take 1 Boy or Girl
Add Some Close Friends
Sprinkle in Some Loved Ones
Mix in the Secret Ingredient...Chef Carl!
  Viola!!! You’ll have a, “Make A Pizza Party” guaranteed to deliver life –long memories for all who attend. .Chef Carl does a remarkable job of making the whole experience very enjoyable for the children, parents and guest. For over twenty-five years his parties have been the subject of many New Jersey newspaper and magazines articles and have appeared on Emmy award- winning TV shows such as GOOD DAY NEW YORK. And now you can be among the first to enjoy these fantastic parties in New York 



   Have the pizza party at your apartment, house, backyard , our place or a nearby venue (JCC, CHURCH HALL, FIREHOUSE, Etc).    Wherever you decide to have the party you can choose from four party packages:

  Party #1: "Make a Pizza" Party
The "Original" Party Includes the following:
  1. Table cloths and all the paper ware included.
  2. Fun video teaching the children how “not” to make a pizza.
  3. Chef hats for all the children.
  4. Pizza making (each child makes their own individual pizza).
  5. Each child eats their own pizza. 
  6. They all participate in Magic tricks and The Pizza Dance.
  7. Everyone sings Happy Birthday song.
  8. Graduation Certificates from Chef Carl University for all.


    Party #2: "The Deluxe Pizza" Party
    It's Two Parties in One! The "Make a Pizza" Party Plus an Ice Cream Social! Includes the following:

    1. Everything listed in Party #1
    2. Dress Like a Chef: Each child will get to design their own chef's apron
    3. Ice Cream Social: Each child will create his/her own ice cream sundae, complete with toppings, syrups and whipped cream.
    4. Goodie Bags: Chef Carl and his team will give pizza-themed goodie bags to the birthday child and guests.


    Party #3: "The Supreme Pizza" Party 
    Pizza + Ice Cream + Bears = Fun! This Is the Ultimate Pizza Party! Includes the following:

    1. Everything listed in Party #2
    2. "Stuff A Bear": Each child will create his/her own "Stuff a Bear" toy, complete with a Lucky Star and "Stuff a Bear's" birth certificate.

    Party #4
    Includes the following:



      Chef Carl Makes Cooking FUN!
      All ingredients are fresh! No peanut products are used! We're attentive to other food allergies or dietary restrictions. Just let us know.

      Add-on options are available. Please contact us today for pricing!