Corporate Parties

Corporate cooking parties in NJ!
Chef Carl was the Food Service Director for Hewlett-Packard for 17 years and has performed over 6,000 pizza parties over 25 years! He uses his experience to hone a fun pizza making party for corporations looking to strengthen their employees’ relations.

They will face challenges not covered in the corporate guidelines. Employees will see each other in a different light when they each put on their chef hats and aprons. Employees must work together to stretch the pizza dough, participate in the magic show, learn and perform the pizza dance and finally, make and eating their own ice cream sundae. Everyone will receive the applause of their fellow employees when they receive their diplomas from CCU.

These parties can be performed in the office. No ovens or special equipment is necessary. It will be talked about by the water cooler for weeks. The type of party will be determined by the facility.